World’s Best Players

There are many players around the world who have managed to become professional golf players and turned the game into a career for themselves. These players are ranked as the best in the world and seen as the biggest tournaments, which includes the popular PGA tour. The following list of players are not listed in order, but are definitely worth knowing about for their amazing achievements.

Tiger Woods

Eldrick Woods was born December 30th, 1975. He is known as one of the best American players in the world and turn pro when he turned 20, which was in 1996 after a very impressive amateur and collage golf career, which lasted 2 years. The pro made huge golf news by winning his first major tour (1997 Masters) just a year after turning pro. Leading by an impressive 12 strokes the athlete made almost half a million dollars from that tour alone.


Tiger Woods was first seen as the world’s best from 97’ through to 00’. He had many personal problems, which forced him to leave the game for several years. The players managed to return to number 1 in 2013, but after his back surgery they player found himself at number 104 in 2015. Tiger Woods has obtained many different rewards over the peak of his career, which allowed him to win multiple tournaments, which include different PGA events.

Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth is also an American player who has made it to the very top of his career as well. The players was born in July 27th 1993 and turned pro in 2012 at the young age of 19.

Jordan Spieth

The player has manage become very well know with his first big win at the U.S. Junior Amateur, which he won in both 2009 and 2011. Along with Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth is also part of the elite team of players who had multiple major winnings before the age of 18.
Spieth was the first amateur to be accepted in the PGA tour in 2010. He was the first amateur player who was made an exemption for since 1995. The player received an award for PGA rookie of the year and multiple awards during 2015. These rewards PGA player of the year, PGA leading money winner, FedEx cup champion and many more. Massive expectations are expected for this player in the near future.

Rory Mcllroy

Rory Mcllroy was born May 4th 1989 and has achieved incredible rewards over the course of his career. He is currently the youngest player to reach a $10 million career earnings total. He managed to reach this at the age of 23 in 2012.

Rory Mcllroy

Rory reached the peak of his professional career in 2012, which provided him with multiple rewards and wins. In 2012 and 2014 he receive rewards for the PGA tour leading money winner, PGA player of the year, Byron Nelson Award, European tour order of merit winner and many more. He has managed 18 professional winnings in course of his career and is expected to be a very good competitor in the future.

There are many other players that were not mentioned that have reached incredible achievement during their careers. The game of golf can change rapidly with new professionals popping up all over.