What is Golf

Golf is a popular club and ball support, which is widely enjoyed around the world. The game requires a lot of precision is key. Players are required to start from tee-box, which is the first place the ball is hit. The objective of the game is to get the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible.


The hole will appear on the green, which is usually quite far away from the tee-box. This means you are required to strategise and come up with the best play to get to the green without using too many shots. This makes the game very competitive as players use different techniques and plans to get ahead.


Unlike most other sports, in this game you win by having the least points. Your score is based on the amount of strokes used on each hole. The scoring for each will is based on Par, which is unique to each and every hole. Par basically indicates the number of shots required to get the ball into the hole.


These scores are also used to determine your rating. Par scores are based on professional golfers, which means new players or even regular players may never get Par or under Par. However, this doesn’t mean you are a weak or bad golfer as ratings run into the palace as well. You might start off with a +40 Par, which means over the course of the day you require an additional 40 strokes to get the ball into the hole. The score is based over all the holes played, which will also depend on the size of the course and the number of holes.

Your Par score will improve as you go on and practice. This allows you to become more accurate and plan your game better. No player walks onto the tee-box and becomes a prior overnight. The game takes great commitment, practice and patience. Players were also find a different Par rating when playing at other golf courses. A difference in score could indicate many different reasons. This includes an easier course, fewer holes or an improvement in skills.

The lowest Par is -3, which means you need to get the ball into the hole with three or less stokes. This allows one straight for the drive off the tee-box and two for putting. Should you use five strokes to complete the hole, your score will be Par +2.

Who Plays Golf

The game used to be dominated by men who played the game professionally, socially and a way to mix business with pleasure. However, these days many female players also enjoy the game of golf and a number of professionals have been seen over the years.

Many golf tournaments are available all over the world, which range from just friendly tournaments to massive rewards and cash prizes. This will require many years of practice and achieving a much better score on a normal golf course.

Playing the game socially with friends or family is a great way to start. Most of the time all of you will have the same experience level, which allows a challenging game and the development of your skills at an even pace. Golf clubs can provide lessons, which are provided by professionals. These professionals will assess you and provide tips for a better overall game.