Uncommon Fun Golf Variations

Since the game of golf is so widely popular, many different variations have been created, which makes the game interesting and more enjoyable for all players ranging from beginners right through to experts.

These Variations allow players to attend the game in a different way with friends and family or other professional players. Beginners can also use these variations to increase their skills and handicap. Unlike stroke play, which is the most common scoring method for golf and match play, these variations of the game are sometimes used in small tournaments or just between friends on the golf course. Many of these variations include the same rules as stroke and match play, but will provide some kind of twist, which could change the game completely.

Nine Point

Nine point is a variation of match play, which is typically played by three or more players. The game can be enjoyed on nine or 18 holes, which will include a total of nine points for each hole. This means Par has no effect in the game as the player with the fewest strokes will receive five points, the player with the second lowest will receive two points, and the last player will receive one point.


Playing the game with others sharing the same handicap will make you very interesting as the different players will be able to obtain higher scores throughout the range of 18 holes. It will be rather rare for one player to dominate if the same handicap is used.

This game allows may need to be wagered as its very uncommon for a draw to be presented. Different requirements can be used to win cash, which includes a requirement of at least 18 points. This means to receive any part of the pot, at least 18 coins will be required. Players can also make it more difficult by raising the number of points required.


Foursome is a team sport, which will require at least for players. The players will be divided into two teams, which can use stroke play or match play rules scoring system. The game will have players alternate between strokes, which can become a very interesting game if four players with similar handicaps or teams both include one pro and one beginner.

Each player will get a turn to play in each hole as both players will be used to get the ball onto the green. For example, Player A from team A will tee off, player B will attempt to get the ball from the fairway on to the green, players A well past and the game will be completed in the same manner. At the next hole player B from team A will tee off first.


Fourball is also a variation of a team golf game. The game requires for players, which will each get a chance to play the ball. Each player will complete the entire course with their own ball. However, the rules differ somewhat when it comes to scoring. The number of strokes from you and your team mate will be added together to change the other team.

The game can be played with match play or stroke play rules. Should you get Par-1 and your team at the total of Par+3, your total score for the whole will be Par+2. This makes the game interesting when each team includes an amateur and professional or any two players with the same handicap rating.