Pro Golf Tours

There are a number of golf tours around the world, which can provide amazing prizes for both amateur and professional players. The amateur tours are usually help within a community and don’t include many spectators, but can be a lot of fun for those just getting into the game and seeing what a tour is all about. Some of these tours will require a buy in, which will contribute to the event, prizes and club.


Professional tours are much different and include millions of spectators at the course and those who watch on television from home. These tours include professional players and much bigger prizes. Most professional tours can only be entered by invite, which means you need to be good enough. Even then, you are not guaranteed a spot in the tour. There are many professional players who never make it to any one of the big tours around the world.

Over 20 professional tours are available on a yearly basis, which are held by PGA or other smaller associations, which are responsible for the invites, location of the tour, sponsors and more. There tours will invite regular members who usually attend these tours. These would include well known professional golfers. The event could also present a few new faces that have been invited for multiple reasons. This includes being a pro member of the club, being recognized from another event and many others.


This is one of the world’s most well known tours. Even those who don’t follow or play golf know what the PGA tour is all about. This tour has been known to attract massive crowed for the players who join the event and the massive prizes that are available. The PGA tour usually provides cash prizes well over 800,000 USD. The European Tour is definitely the next in line when it comes to attraction value, players and prizes. This event is also run by PGA and includes many other sections such as the elite European Tour, developmental Challenge Tour and the Seniors European Tour.

Both tours require invites to join as they include some of the world’s best players. Being one of the invited is a major accomplishment. The tour usually includes many luxuries, which sort after your every need during the tournament.

US Masters

Many seen the US Masters tour to be the peak of any golfers career. The tournament takes place at the3 same location every year, which occurs at Augusta National Golf Club. The event takes place during the first week of April each year and represents the first major tour of the year. The event usually includes fewer players as a very strict selection of players are invited to play the game.

The event has a number of traditions, which include the reward of a green jackpot. This started back in 1945 and each champion has been rewarded with a jackpot of their own. These jackets have to be returned to the club with the next event, which will be designated a special cloakroom for safe keeping. Receiving one of these jackets is known as highest achievement in a golfers career. The tournament also includes massive prizes for the winner.

Managing to play your way into any tournament is a massive achievement and usually provides the ability to have a bright future with the sport.