Playing Golf

The game of golf has interested many people around the world who could potentially play the game brilliantly, but avoid the sport because they don’t understand how it works for fear they may not be good at it. Golf is one of the easier games understand as the points system is straightforward, the objective is simple and game rules are not complicated. There is only one way to know if you are good at golf and that’s by actually playing the game. For many first time players would go to a driving range, which is where you can practice your strokes, get professional help of figure out what is required to hit the ball perfect straight in the direction you want it.


Golf is a technical sport, which requires planning, knowing what each club is capable of and working out what is required to get the ball from the tee into the hole. The techniques involved with golf cannot be obtained with one or two games as some players require a lot of practice before having the ability to complete a full round of 18 holes effectively.

How Golf Works

A typical course will include 18 holes, which have been laid out in order. The fall round will include playing each hole once on these courses. Other courses include only nine holes, which can be played once for a short game or twice for a full round. The game will require a full set of clubs ranging from a driver to a putter. These clubs are used for different conditions and distances that the specific course may provide.

When a hole on the golf course is played, you will start off at the tee-box, which is also known as the tee-ground or simply the tee. This bet requires the ball to be placed on a tee, which is a small stand that lifts the ball off the ground for a better drive and distance. A tee is usually made from plastic or wood and will elevate the ball a few centimeters off the ground. In the early stages of golf, a heap of sand used to provide the same function as a tee.

The first stroke off the tee usually requires a driver or wood, which is a type of club. The strike is called the drive, which is usually the longer shot made for the whole. A typical drive can move the ball more than 225 yards. The distance between the tee-ground and the hole is known as the fairway. These differences could include multiple hazards such as water and sand, which makes the game more difficult and requires better planning to avoid these hazards.


Once the ball has landed in the fairway, players are required to make as many strokes as needed with multiple clubs to get the ball in the hole. The game of golf is based on how many strokes you require to get the ball from the tee to the hole. Using fewer strokes will indicate a more experienced player and a better score.

Each hole will have a Par value, which he is the number of strokes a regular golfer should require to complete the hole. A round of goals consisting of 18 holes, will consist of an accumulated score from each hole.