Origins of Golf

As we all know golf came from the Scottish, which is true for the most part. In Scotland the game was played in the same manner as we know it today. Basically hitting a ball with a club from a starting option into a hole. This was way back around the 15th century. The earliest known reference to golf is from 1457 when King James II ban golf as soccer for its interference of practice with his archers. The game was ban again in Scotland by King James IV.

orgiins of golf

The game secretly kept developing over the years until 1744, which as the year the first rules of golf gathered in writing. The game from those years is very similar to the game played today, but has changed in a few ways over the years. Most people who know the basics of the history would agree with the above. However, USGA museum claims that the game originated in Britain with a stick and ball type game, which started in Britain. The sport also started being popular in other countries, one of the first were the Scots.

The name of the game also had a fairly interesting way of coming into existence. It came from the Dutch word kolf, which evolved with the Scottish into glove or goff. The 2 countries were trading partners and came with golf as meeting each other halfway. The Dutch used to play the game on ice, which is another reference that the game first game from the Dutch.

The game also included a very similar scoring system, which required players to get the ball from point A to point B with as few strokes as possible. The game would include multiple players who would enjoy a full round lasting all day. At the end of the day the scores were accumulated and the player with the lowest scores would win, which is basically the exact same as today.

The Game Today

Today we get to experience the best of the game with perfect greens and fairways. There are many clubs to select from for the perfect stroke and completing the game within good scores. The clubs we play with today are made from all types of special materials, which include alloy, titanium and even carbon fiber. Back in the early days of golf, clubs used to consist of wood, which is also where the driver as we know it got its original name “Wood”. The first combinations between metal and wooden club were introduced in 1979, which were manufactured by TaylorMade who is still one of the world’s most famous brands. Ping, another famous brand, were the first to create laminated wood clubs, which made it look very impressive and had great advantage for distance and control.


The early golf balls were known as wound rubber balls, which consisted of a solid or liquid filling, which was wounded with a rubber payer or sometime thread made from rubber. The outer layer were made from balata sap.

The balls we play with today are made mostly from plastic and rubber. The inner core of the ball consists of rubber, which is heated and pressed for its round shape. The outer layer of the ball consists of a durable ionomer resin, which is also known as a thermoplastic cover.