Golf Clubs and Purposes

Every hole on a single car of course all present different situations, which need different clubs for the best stroke. This requires that players have a full range of clubs to ensure each stroke is perfectly executed for better results. Many players, especially beginners are unsure of which club to use for the best results. With this article we will look at the standard clubs and every player should have in their day.

It’s important to remember different clubs are available for the type of player you are and your requirements. When it comes to drivers and putters, many different options and styles are available, which will change your game completely for multiple reasons.


A driver is used for the first stroke in golf, which occurs from the tee-box. These are known to drive a ball for long distances, which range from 200 up to 300 or more yards. In the early years a driver used to be made from wood, which he is the alternative name for the club.


These days, the club consists of alloys, steel and titanium. The club is slightly lofted to increase height and distance. These clubs usually have a big head and large face to transfer energy into the ball for best results.


Irons include multiple clubs, which range from 1 to 9. These are used to carry the ball from the fairway to the green. All the different irons serve a purpose for different conditions on the course. These are lofted and a higher degree, which provides more height than a driver, but cannot reach the same distances. These clubs ranging from 1 to 9 indicates the amount of loft added to each club. A 1, 2 and 3-iron will provide the least loft, which presents more distance if required. Irons ranging from 4 to 6 are known as middle irons, which are used for a combination of lift and distance. These iron’s can typically drive a ball between 150 and 170 yards. Irons ranging from 7 to 9 provide the highest loft, which gets the ball into the air the quickest.


A typical golf bag will not carry a 1 and 2-iron as these clubs are the most difficult to master. However, all other ions should be carried as they can improve your game quality.


Wagers are used for difficult conditions and short distances to get the ball onto the green. These clubs consist of a much higher loft to increase height, but not distance. These clubs are used for strokes fewer than 130 yards. A great purpose for a wedge is when your ball has landed in the stand or long grass. A wedge has the ability to get the ball airborne as soon as possible and away from the hazardous terrain.


Many different types of punters are available and is commonly used the most fun of all times. These are used on the green to move the ball closer to the whole and eventually into the hole. Selecting the perfect punter may take time as the weight, length and size need to be considered for each player.

Some players preferred to have multiple putters, which are used for short and long distances. However, other players use only one putter, which is recommended for consistency and results.