Famous Actors Who Play Golf

Since the game of golf has become such an elite and challenging sport, you will find many famous actors and stars enjoy the game for multiple reasons. These players, like the rest of us, practice on a regular basis to try get their score up and provide a better game. However, these players have an advantage when it comes to playing with the pros as many of them have access to get in contact with those players.

This could provide a massive advantage when it comes to receiving tips and tricks to use in the game. Even with this great advantage, these players are still required to practice a massive amount to get their game to the point they want it. Golf is not exactly a sport that comes with a “how to” manual, which means it doesn’t matter who you are, your skills reflect how much you practice.

Billy Crudup

Some actors have managed to become amazingly good at the game and actually provide some incredible score totals. The professional game has created a lot of interest around the world for many different people.

Famous Actors and their Handicap Scores

Some celebs have managed to get to a professional level, but play the game for fun or when a celeb tour comes along. Jack Wagner is the top of our list with a handicap of just +0.3. This is an incredible achievement and seen as a rather amazing score for any player. The sport includes many other actors, which you may have never thought of as the golfing type. This includes Lucas Black with a par of just 2.3. He became famous for his role in American Gothic on CBS television.

Billy Crudup became famous for his role in Almost Famous and for the use of his voice on Mastercard adverts. An amazing golf player as well with a Par of just 4.5.

Craig Nelson became famous in the Hollywood world for this appearance in multiple comedy tv series. The actor has also managed a Emmy and plays a good round of golf with a Par of just 4.7.

Chris O’Donnell became a well-known movie actor for his appearance in multiple Batman films. Be careful of this actor on the golf course as he serves up a Par of 5.2.

Joel Gretsch

Joel Gretsch has appeared in many different TV series, which made big movements in the film world. This actor is known for JAG, CSI, NCIS, Silk Stalkings and more. A round of golf would be interesting with the actor, but only if you a pro as he offers a Par of 5.6.

There are many other actors that provide incredible scores around the golf course and many have been seen to pay tournaments for charity events. With scores changing so suddenly for these pro players as they focus on their game and get the required training, the list may different drastically as time goes by. You can also imagine for yourself how fast the Hollywood world grows with new actors coming in, which might just provide an amazing round of golf and lead the rest.

Should you ever get the opportunity to play with any actors or someone famous, but sure to check your game and get some serious practice soon. Don’t assume they are ammeters for any reason.