Common Ways to Play Golf

The game of golf can be played in many different ways, which could include multiple players, different scoring methods and ways to play. The game becomes rather interesting when a group of players with the same handicap rating try one of these game types. Even beginners have the ability to enjoy these game types, which is a great way to increase your skills and handicap.

Stroke Play

Stroke play is the form of score keeping most commonly used in golf. Each stroke required to play the ball from the green to the hole will be counted. These scores will applied to each and every hole, which will be added together at the end of the round or tournament. Players with a lower score will win the game as fewer strikes were used overall.


This type of scorekeeping could become very interesting in a game with two or more players. Should you play poorly on the first hole, you will have the ability to make up your score later on in the game as all your scores are added up at the end.

Match Play

Match play is one of the most common types of golf games. This includes two or more players, which can also be teams. Each hole is played individually as a the overall course Par score is not used to determine the winner.

Each team or player gets to play each individual hole. The Par score on the hole will determine the winner for the specific round. Should a player or team A have won the first hole, the score will be B0-1A. This means your current Par score is not carried over to the overall score of the game. If the same number of strokes are played by each player, background will be tied, which means each team will either receive 1 point each or no points at all.

Should one player dominate the first 10 holes, the game will end and the player will win. This is because the other player has no possible way of winning as the only eight holes remain. This rule can be applied to any part of the game when the player behind has no possible way of winning, even if all holes are one from that point on. This allows the game to be quick and very focused.

Bogey Competition

Bogey is a type of competition used with professional players. This game style is very similar to match play, but present very strict scoring rules. In this game players are required to reach Par or better. The game can be played by multiple players have time as scores will be determined on the green of each hole.

Rules are simple, a birdie or better is required for a point and a bogey or worse will not receive a point for the hole. Par will be a tie, which will not add any points for the whole.


Skins is a very interesting variation of goals, which can be played on a nine or 18 holes course. The game can be played by amateurs through to professionals and can include any number of players.

The game is played for money, which will require a wager (Skin) on each hole. Each of the holes of played and scored individually, which means no scores will be carried over to the next hole. Winners of each individual whole are determined by the number of strokes. The player with the fewest strokes will win the pot. Should two or more players tie with the lowest score, the skin will be carried over to the next hole. If this continues up to the 18th hole, the whole or the player over and over again until an outright winner is determined.