Common Mistakes with Golf

Since golf is such a complicated game to perfect, many players prefer a different ways of playing and strategies. Many small mistakes occur with beginners right through to experts. These small mistakes could change your game completely and enhance your golf experience with every round you play.

Since there are no actual wait to play golf and all players have the ability to choose what they would like to attempt, the game can become rather confusing and annoying as it seems like no progress is being made in your gaming experience.

Common Mistakes with Golf

The most common mistakes occurs with the drive. This is the first stroke in golf, which will include the longest stroke for the game. Having difficulty with the drive, off will increase the number of strokes required to get the ball to the whole.

The Drive

One of the most common mistakes when selecting a driver for the first time is trying to determine the loft angle of the face and flexibility of the shaft. These two factors have a massive effect on your goal for experience and may require some practice before a choice can be made. Players prefer a different results from a drive, which can reflect the type of driver you use.

Your body position and alignment is very important for a proper drive. Most amateur players require at least one lesson with a professional golfer to correct the alignment of your body. Many amateurs simply focus on stroking the ball on the sweet spot and expect maximum distance. However, if you are alignment and positioning is not right, the ball will not have the ability to travel for a long distance and will definitely not go in the direction you were hoping for.


A proper wedge stroke could change your round completely. A wedge can change a birdie into a Par or bogey and the other way around, if which all depends on how you play it. These types of strokes required consistency and keeping your hands level throughout the stroke.

The setup of the stroke is very important as this can change the outcome drastically. A common mistake among players is that they stand too far from the ball. A very important that for a wedge stroke, is to keep your right elbow against your body. If you elbow moves away, you are allowing yourself to lose control of the club. The shot is very difficult to recover from, as your stroke is much shorter than that of a driver or iron stroke.


Putting can be a very frustrating process if as many beginners struggle to get the ball in the direction required. Another common problem is stroking to softly or two hard, which means you don’t get the distance if required.

There are multiple things to pay attention to when putting. These include assessing how level the ground is and any conditions that need to be considered. Once you have worked out the perfect line for your put, ensure you line up to a putter correctly with the face parallel to the direction the ball needs to travel.

A professional lesson could make a massive difference in putting as guidelines and tips can be given based on what you do. With putting we don’t all make the same mistakes, which is why a professional will be able to assess you and correct where needed.