PGA Merchandise Show Underway

The Professional Golfing Association, commonly known as the “PGA” is one of the largest sporting leagues in Northern America. Their currently holding the “PGA Merchandise Show” which is the companies biggest show of the year where they show off new technology, great gear & show off some of the best new talent coming up on the roster. Every year more than forty thousand golfing fans & professionals attend this event in Orlando, Florida. This year it’s expected that more than fifty thousand people shall attend the event. This would mark an all time high for the show.


Cobra Puma CEO commented on this merchandise show, “It’s the Super Bowl of the golf business, there is no other place in the world that you will see this much golf merchandise in the world. You always see the industry changing gear, players and technology at this show ever year.”

Fans of golf can expect to see Puma, Nike, Oakley, Ray Ban, Adidas, Odyssey Golf, Golf USA, TNT Golf and more than sixty other companies showcase their new products for 2016 off to the public. Nike & Puma are slated to release innovative gear that could potentially change the way golf is played, this was indicated in rumors made on the first day.

The second day of this three-day event takes place on January 30th, 2016. Hopefully the rumors regarding Nike & Puma are true but regardless fans as well as golfers can expect some major things to come from the second day as this has been the norm for the last decade.

Rhos-On-Sea Golf Club for Sale

Golf fans now have the chance to purchase something they’ve never been able to purchase before, a historical golf course. Currently the Rhos-On-Sea Golf Club & Hotel located within Llandudno, Wales is currently on sale for one million euros. Whomever purchases this historic golf club resort will be met with ninety-nine acres of parkland, a clubhouse that is two stories high. The clubhouse has functional smoking rooms, a bar, fifteen suite hotel rooms and a kitchen staff. This is an astonishing deal for any millionaire looking into a new business.

Rhos-On-Sea Golf Club

The reasoning for this golf course being historic is that it was developed by Mr. W H Goldsmith. He purchased the land from the Rhyd Family, the family had operated the farm for hundreds of years, generation after generation before it was sold to Mr. Goldsmith. The original farmhouse was redesigned as a clubhouse for one hundred and five years, where some of the most notable generals who’d participate in WWI & WWII drank and played golf. During 1905 it was demolished to make way for the building which currently stands today. During both wars the clubhouse often saw soldiers under her Queen’s armed forced drink and partake in the festivities.

There are two major investors in this plot of land right now. Both have plans to add a number of new elements to the sea-side golf course. The first will be adding a variety of new facilities such as a swimming pool, a gym and conference rooms. There could even be the possibility of a brand new clubhouse, set with dozens of new rooms. This in turn would drive up business as booking for this golf course is difficult to say the least due to its fifteen rooms.

Olympic Golf Course Given to Organizers

The Rio de Janeiro Olympic Golf Course, which has been slowly created due to a variety of lawsuits and environmental issues has now finally been handed over to Olympic Organizers. Many believes that this course wouldn’t even be built due to all the struggles that plagued it throughout its creation. Luckily the power of those whom organize the Olympics is far greater than anyone whom doesn’t like the idea of this course.

Rio de Janeiro Olympic Golf Course

The reason so many are judging the Brazilian government for creating this gold course is because of where it is located. It’s located directly in the center of a variety of mountains. It’s obvious the government is placing Olympic buildings or courses in areas of the country where beauty is immersive. The countries reasoning towards this is that they don’t want people whom are attending the Olympics to be worried about violence from the favelas.

It’s quite known that regardless of whom battles against the government decisions, they’ll lose as the fact of the matter is that for the last five decades the Brazilian government has been vastly corrupt. The Olympics making their way to the country only means that more bribes or “Donations” are being given to government officials. Eduardo Paes, a candidate for the presidency on Brazil was found taking bribes from industrialists. This just proves that the issues in Brazil are far more than just the favelas. Hopefully though with the world having their eyes of Brazil, the issues at hand will be seen globally and some change will be able to come for the people of Brazil.

Woods Has Follow Up Back Procedure

Tiger Woods, a fourteen time winner of the U.S. Open has to undergo a second routine procedure for his back this week. This is the second time in a year and a half that he is undergoing surgery. Back in March of 2014 woods pinched a nerve and had an unaligned disk fragment. This meant he’d never be able to play golf in the same way, as of right now he is in the 351st position in professional golf. This essentially means that those who are just entering professional golf have more talent that Tiger Woods does.


Tiger did state, “It’s one of the things that just has to be done. I’ve got an outstanding team of doctors around me at all times for the next two weeks, I’ll be back as soon as I can in hopes that everything will be back.” The doctor also noted that he expects Tiger to make a full recovery and be able to enter the field.
Though many analysts believe that Mr. Woods should just retire his golf clubs for he continues to make himself more of a fool in the sport of professional golf.

Those who used to love him as a fan and would watch every match he played don’t even watch golf anymore. Mr. Woods brought a certain level of excitement to this sport that’ll never be seen again from him or from anyone else. It’s best he retire now in order to avoid any further injuries he could potentially have.

Maryland Valley Golf Club Holding Senior Players Championship

The 2017 Seniors Players Championship of the Champions Golf Tour is being held at the Maryland Caves Valley Golf Club. This marks the third time that this stunning golf club has ever held a professional golfing event, this’ll surely create them more success as they’ll become one of the elite golf clubs in their state, not just local area.

Maryland Valley Golf Club

Greg McLaughlin made the announcement that Caves Valley Golf Club would be receiving the rights to hold this championship. This’ll be the fifth time that the Senior Players Championship has been played in Maryland. The first two were played at the Baltimore Country Club back in 2007/09. Then Avenel Farm was able to hold the event for two years during 2010/11. It’s been four years since Maryland has held a championship golf tournament and Caves Valley is honoured that they get to host the event.

Caves Valley also stands as the 12th golf course to hold this major sporting event which began all the way back in 1983. This very short list will put Caves Valley into a part of a very exclusive club that not many other people will be able to join. This golf course has been open since 1991 & has done profitable seasons ever since.

There is no word as to when the specific date for the 2012 Senior Players Championship will be. Caves Valley previously held the 2014 LPGA International Crown and the 2002 U.S. Senior Open. This additional championship will just make them that much more of a notable club.

$15,000 Raised for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Cancer is a war that humans are constantly battling against. The Kashmiri Pandits Golf Association knows this to be the case, which is why they held a charity golf tournament in Brampton, Ontario earlier on this week. This golf tournament was a great success and raised $15,000. This charity event will now become an annual event at Lionhead Golf Course in Brampton.

Lionhead Golf Course

Overall one hundred different golfers participated in this event. Each one of them were required to pay an entrance fee into the tournament which directly went to the charity fund. Any meals or drinks purchased also went towards the charity fund as well. By the end of this tournament a total of $15,000 was raised. Whomever won the tournament got bragging rights and the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve helped provide to a better cause. Arun Taploo couldn’t be reached for comment regarding his tournament win.

Developing more information regarding cancer is something that needs to be done. This is an issue which effects millions of people every year around the globe. This tournament, now a yearly event will be advertised from now on with this is being done in hopes that far more people come out to the tournament in order to play or just watch. The goal for the Kashmiri Pandits Golf Association and the Lionhead Golf Course next year is to raise $30,000 to $50,000 for cancer research. This is a goal which seems to be obtainable as Brampton is one of the fastest growing cities in Ontario.