Best Golf Courses

We all know the world has some magical places to see, which most of us will never get to, which is why most people choose a hand full of destinations and make it a life goal. Many do the same with golf courses, especially when you start playing well and have a decent handicap. There are some amazing courses around the world, which many professional players don’t even get around to.

Here are some of the most amazing courses the world has to offer and for good reason. Some include the best course to play, beauty and many other reasons. Be sure to add these to your bucket list if you enjoy the game of golf and interested in playing the game at the world’s best courses.

Royal Melbourne

royal melbourne

The course was formed back in 1891, which as then divided into 2 courses, which are known as the Metropolitan Golf Club and the Royal Melbourne Golf Club. This course has made the list for its extreme beauty and one of a kind round. The course presents some rather different aspects with large greens and a few hazards along the way. This is a course well worth enjoy with a friend as the game become interesting when attempting to work out your next move.

Denarau in Fiji

Fiji offers a range of well-known courses that offer breath taking views all around the Island. However, if we had to choose just one of these courses, it would have to be Denarau. The course is on a resort, which features simply amazing views, open fairways and a few hazards along the course to make things interested. The course includes 18 holes with a Par 72, which stretches almost 7,200 feet. The signature house for the course is surprisingly the shortest of 173 yards, which is the 17th hole.


This is one of the best golf courses around and has been since the 1020’s. The course offers some of the best work from Dr. MacKenzie who was one of the best golf course architects from the Golden Age.


Players can expect a great mixture of rounds at Teignmouth, which includes one of the most difficult Par 3 rounds. The hole only measures 125 yards, but planning is key for a good round as it didn’t obtain its name Hell’s Mouth for nothing.

National Golf Club (Australia)

This is one of the largest private clubs for its amazing course and location. The course can be found in Cape Schanck, which features breathtaking views of the coast along the land of Victoria’s Mornington. The club offers 3 different course types, which include the Ocean, the Old, and Moolah, which have all made it to Australia’s top 50 courses. The best course to start on is the Moolah as it was developed by Bob Harrison and Greg Norman. The course requires players to play an old fashioned round for the best scores to be rounded up.

As mentioned above, there are many different courses around the world, which will amaze players for different reasons. These mentioned above should definitely be on your list of you plan to take a golf trip around the world that can never be forgotten.