Apps that could improve your Game

Mobile app developers have manage to develop so many different applications that we can download and use for everyday tasks. In many ways these apps have made our lives so much easier in a day to day aspect.

These apps now also include a whole lot of goodies for your golf game. This ranges from games to having tips, which features as your personal caddie. The apps that are available will provide a great amount of useful features that can be used from amateurs through to professionals. Most of the apps have been developed by people who play golf themselves, which means it’s unlikely that you will get an app that is just not beneficial to your gaming experience.

WGT Golf Lite

WGT Golf Lite

This is one of the best golf games on mobile devices. Players will have the ability to actually challenge their friends on 2 different courses. This will also provide you with a ranking on a world standard. The game allows you to enjoy the game of golf with fairly good game ability at any time or any place, whether you at work, middle of the night or sitting right next to your friend at a coffee house. You will now be able to challenge your friends and many people from around the world.

Visulax Golf

Visulax Golf is an app that allows you to plan your route when it comes to your golf game. This includes practice, when a game with a friend is planned or when you have some free time to hit the range. The app will allow you to set times and destinations, which will automatically be added to your calendar. The app also has a great selection of useful tips, which provide you with practice tips and many more. Currently, the app is not available in a free version. Cost: $4.99.


This is an amazing app that comes at a price, but is totally worthwhile. The app comes with a range of useful videos and tips from well-known golfer teacher Peter Kostis. Furthermore, the app also has the ability to analyze your swing or just about any other action with golf. You will be able to upload an actual 3D image of yourself and get the best tips from a pro. That’s like having your own golf pro in your pocket all the time. The app is currently available on the Apply app market for $249.

Golf Rules Quick Reference

The app offers assistance with golf rules within seconds. You could actually submit a question and expect answers moments later. The app also includes all the golf rules you could possibly need. The system is perfectly up to date and includes all the latest rules, which includes 18-2b, which claims that a moved ball without interference from the player is no longer seen as a penalty. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices at $9.99.

My Pro to Go


My Pro to Go is exactly that. The app allows you to view videos on different techniques that will help you improve on all types of aspects. Users also have the ability to upload videos from 2 angles and have a professional teacher assess the video and provide you with step by step feedback within 24 hours. The app is free when using the tutorial videos, but uploading and getting tips from a pro starts at $39.

Swing by Swing Golf Rangefinder

Swing by Swing Golf Rangefinder is the perfect app when you travel or going to a new golf course. The app provides in detail information about over 34,000 course from around the world. The app will provide incredibly accurate distances from the tee to the hole. Users can also view simulations and view the hazards from each course. The app comes with a cost of only $14 per annum.