PGA Merchandise Show Underway

The Professional Golfing Association, commonly known as the “PGA” is one of the largest sporting leagues in Northern America. Their currently holding the “PGA Merchandise Show” which is the companies biggest show of the year where they show off new technology, great gear & show off some of the best new talent coming up on the roster. Every year more than forty thousand golfing fans & professionals attend this event in Orlando, Florida. This year it’s expected that more than fifty thousand people shall attend the event. This would mark an all time high for the show.


Cobra Puma CEO commented on this merchandise show, “It’s the Super Bowl of the golf business, there is no other place in the world that you will see this much golf merchandise in the world. You always see the industry changing gear, players and technology at this show ever year.”

Fans of golf can expect to see Puma, Nike, Oakley, Ray Ban, Adidas, Odyssey Golf, Golf USA, TNT Golf and more than sixty other companies showcase their new products for 2016 off to the public. Nike & Puma are slated to release innovative gear that could potentially change the way golf is played, this was indicated in rumors made on the first day.

The second day of this three-day event takes place on January 30th, 2016. Hopefully the rumors regarding Nike & Puma are true but regardless fans as well as golfers can expect some major things to come from the second day as this has been the norm for the last decade.

Rhos-On-Sea Golf Club for Sale

Golf fans now have the chance to purchase something they’ve never been able to purchase before, a historical golf course. Currently the Rhos-On-Sea Golf Club & Hotel located within Llandudno, Wales is currently on sale for one million euros. Whomever purchases this historic golf club resort will be met with ninety-nine acres of parkland, a clubhouse that is two stories high. The clubhouse has functional smoking rooms, a bar, fifteen suite hotel rooms and a kitchen staff. This is an astonishing deal for any millionaire looking into a new business.

Rhos-On-Sea Golf Club

The reasoning for this golf course being historic is that it was developed by Mr. W H Goldsmith. He purchased the land from the Rhyd Family, the family had operated the farm for hundreds of years, generation after generation before it was sold to Mr. Goldsmith. The original farmhouse was redesigned as a clubhouse for one hundred and five years, where some of the most notable generals who’d participate in WWI & WWII drank and played golf. During 1905 it was demolished to make way for the building which currently stands today. During both wars the clubhouse often saw soldiers under her Queen’s armed forced drink and partake in the festivities.

There are two major investors in this plot of land right now. Both have plans to add a number of new elements to the sea-side golf course. The first will be adding a variety of new facilities such as a swimming pool, a gym and conference rooms. There could even be the possibility of a brand new clubhouse, set with dozens of new rooms. This in turn would drive up business as booking for this golf course is difficult to say the least due to its fifteen rooms.