Olympic Golf Course Given to Organizers

The Rio de Janeiro Olympic Golf Course, which has been slowly created due to a variety of lawsuits and environmental issues has now finally been handed over to Olympic Organizers. Many believes that this course wouldn’t even be built due to all the struggles that plagued it throughout its creation. Luckily the power of those whom organize the Olympics is far greater than anyone whom doesn’t like the idea of this course.

Rio de Janeiro Olympic Golf Course

The reason so many are judging the Brazilian government for creating this gold course is because of where it is located. It’s located directly in the center of a variety of mountains. It’s obvious the government is placing Olympic buildings or courses in areas of the country where beauty is immersive. The countries reasoning towards this is that they don’t want people whom are attending the Olympics to be worried about violence from the favelas.

It’s quite known that regardless of whom battles against the government decisions, they’ll lose as the fact of the matter is that for the last five decades the Brazilian government has been vastly corrupt. The Olympics making their way to the country only means that more bribes or “Donations” are being given to government officials. Eduardo Paes, a candidate for the presidency on Brazil was found taking bribes from industrialists. This just proves that the issues in Brazil are far more than just the favelas. Hopefully though with the world having their eyes of Brazil, the issues at hand will be seen globally and some change will be able to come for the people of Brazil.