Woods Has Follow Up Back Procedure

Tiger Woods, a fourteen time winner of the U.S. Open has to undergo a second routine procedure for his back this week. This is the second time in a year and a half that he is undergoing surgery. Back in March of 2014 woods pinched a nerve and had an unaligned disk fragment. This meant he’d never be able to play golf in the same way, as of right now he is in the 351st position in professional golf. This essentially means that those who are just entering professional golf have more talent that Tiger Woods does.


Tiger did state, “It’s one of the things that just has to be done. I’ve got an outstanding team of doctors around me at all times for the next two weeks, I’ll be back as soon as I can in hopes that everything will be back.” The doctor also noted that he expects Tiger to make a full recovery and be able to enter the field.
Though many analysts believe that Mr. Woods should just retire his golf clubs for he continues to make himself more of a fool in the sport of professional golf.

Those who used to love him as a fan and would watch every match he played don’t even watch golf anymore. Mr. Woods brought a certain level of excitement to this sport that’ll never be seen again from him or from anyone else. It’s best he retire now in order to avoid any further injuries he could potentially have.

Maryland Valley Golf Club Holding Senior Players Championship

The 2017 Seniors Players Championship of the Champions Golf Tour is being held at the Maryland Caves Valley Golf Club. This marks the third time that this stunning golf club has ever held a professional golfing event, this’ll surely create them more success as they’ll become one of the elite golf clubs in their state, not just local area.

Maryland Valley Golf Club

Greg McLaughlin made the announcement that Caves Valley Golf Club would be receiving the rights to hold this championship. This’ll be the fifth time that the Senior Players Championship has been played in Maryland. The first two were played at the Baltimore Country Club back in 2007/09. Then Avenel Farm was able to hold the event for two years during 2010/11. It’s been four years since Maryland has held a championship golf tournament and Caves Valley is honoured that they get to host the event.

Caves Valley also stands as the 12th golf course to hold this major sporting event which began all the way back in 1983. This very short list will put Caves Valley into a part of a very exclusive club that not many other people will be able to join. This golf course has been open since 1991 & has done profitable seasons ever since.

There is no word as to when the specific date for the 2012 Senior Players Championship will be. Caves Valley previously held the 2014 LPGA International Crown and the 2002 U.S. Senior Open. This additional championship will just make them that much more of a notable club.