$15,000 Raised for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Cancer is a war that humans are constantly battling against. The Kashmiri Pandits Golf Association knows this to be the case, which is why they held a charity golf tournament in Brampton, Ontario earlier on this week. This golf tournament was a great success and raised $15,000. This charity event will now become an annual event at Lionhead Golf Course in Brampton.

Lionhead Golf Course

Overall one hundred different golfers participated in this event. Each one of them were required to pay an entrance fee into the tournament which directly went to the charity fund. Any meals or drinks purchased also went towards the charity fund as well. By the end of this tournament a total of $15,000 was raised. Whomever won the tournament got bragging rights and the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve helped provide to a better cause. Arun Taploo couldn’t be reached for comment regarding his tournament win.

Developing more information regarding cancer is something that needs to be done. This is an issue which effects millions of people every year around the globe. This tournament, now a yearly event will be advertised from now on with this is being done in hopes that far more people come out to the tournament in order to play or just watch. The goal for the Kashmiri Pandits Golf Association and the Lionhead Golf Course next year is to raise $30,000 to $50,000 for cancer research. This is a goal which seems to be obtainable as Brampton is one of the fastest growing cities in Ontario.

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