Welcome to Shiningmountaingolfclub

As we find many people interested in the sport of golf and many others taking a new interest in it, it’s only natural for game tips and advance to be required. As those of us who play golf know, a good golfer doesn’t happen over night or just from a few lessons. This doesn’t means you can progress very fast and become very good, but for most this is a timely process, which can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Many factors are involved with golf, which make the game interesting and more enjoyable. These include different types of games, different ways to play the game and getting your friends and family involved. Golf has also become one of the best ways to mix business with pleasure by taking new possible clients to enjoy a round of golf. The game can be enjoyed by anyone, but used to be dominated by men. However, these days many professional players are women. The game has also seem many children enjoy the possibilities that come with this sport.

Enjoying the Game

Golf is very different to most other sports around the world, which makes it rather unique and an achievement to master the game. However, even those who don’t master the game can still have a great amount of fun white challenging friends and family to a round of golf.

Just getting into the sport may require a lot of practice, a few lessons with a professional and perhaps a few hours a week at the driving range. You may also be required to take out a few dollars to purchase your first set of clubs, equipment and lessons. However, before you go out and spend big cash on the clubs, take a few lessons, make sure the sport is for you and allow the pro to recommend clubs that suit your playing style.


Unlike other sports that have a whole list of rules and requirements to score, with golf it’s rather simple. The game has a few rules, which include the way the ball needs to be played, but when it comes to scoring, it’s all about your planning, concentration and ability to get the ball where you want it.

The number of strokes you use will represent your score for that round, which means the most strokes you use, the higher your score will be. Unlike most other sports, a higher score is not a good thing. You need to get the ball into the hole with as little strokes as possible, which will indicate skill and good planning on your behalf.

At each of the holes you play, a Par value will be presented. This value factors in the hole and how many strokes a pro or regular golfer may require to complete the round. Your individual scores for the round of 18 holes will be accumulated and given as a Par plus or minus value. Beginners will usually start off with a rather high plus value, which means more strokes were used to complete the round. Professional players usually reach minus value, which means they completed the round with fewer strokes than required.

This website focuses on everything you need to know to understand the game, become a better golfer and fold out just what’s required to reach your ultimate golfing goals.